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Our Areas of Research Expertise

  The Retail Institute is a research centre that applies academic knowledge to solve industry challenges in consumer engagement with products, packaging and retail services. Our work is underpinned by three core research themes, each of which is lead by a senior academic expert and a team of research fellows:

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Retail Business Globalisation Right Arrow
This research theme strives to look at what business models need to be adapted by global businesses to stay relevant and competitive in the market. 
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Product & Packaging Innovation Right Arrow
By taking the product or pack as the artefact, we aim to identify, develop and interpret new research-led ideas that can inspire new product development. 
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Consumer of the Future Right Arrow
In such dynamically changing times, it’s important for businesses to be informed and gather intelligence to help them alleviate risks and ensure future growth.

Why Choose Academia?

The Retail Institute’s unique position within a university means that we can access knowledge from a range of academic disciplines and academic networks. We have access to a multi-disciplinary centre of expertise, research, and teaching. By combining our resources, have created an optimal environment to develop new solutions and ideas – the most conducive way to produce best quality research that benefits our commercial clients.

We help the retail supply chain industry by informing their strategies and knowledge needs through desk or experimental research techniques. We measure and translate data in a meaningful way, ensuring the statistical significance of your results and eliminate random data variations to provide you with objective and evidence-based conclusions to drive your business to success.

The Retail Institute membership scheme creates a unique environment for business networking opportunities through its annual programme to enable you to create links with you potential clients, peers and academic and industry experts.

Since 2013, DS Smith and The Retail Institute’s relationship has gone from strength to strength. The Retail Institute has supported innovation at DS Smith through their understanding of the retail supply chain. Their expertise have helped DS Smith build business cases, search wider for materials using their vast networks and help to understand the implications of emerging technologies.

Mike Collins - DS Smith