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Protocols during Coronavirus COVID-19

Submission/Examination and Viva

Plus Icon Are you still accepting and processing submissions?

Yes, you can submit your thesis by providing an e-thesis and thesis submission to

Plus Icon Will the current situation delay my examination?

Whilst we are still coordinating and processing your examinations normally please be aware the current situation is changing daily and this could cause some delays.

Plus Icon I am due to submit my thesis but need extra time
Plus Icon How will my viva take place?

Currently vivas are taking place online (digitally) normally through the Microsoft Teams platform. We appreciate that some students may prefer a face to face viva and if so please email us on

Plus Icon If I opt for an online viva what can I expect?

Once we have a day and time we will contact you with the schedule and links to the technology. We are also scheduling test calls should you so wish to ensure you are comfortable and that technology works.

Plus Icon Protocol for the day

On the day please note

  • Recording the Viva is not permitted
  • A Graduate School Officer will be present at the beginning of the Preliminary Discussion to check that everything is fine and available throughout the day via email shall you need further assistance.

Students and Supervisors to receive the same call link but may join only post pre-discussion upon notification from the chair.

The independent chair is responsible for:

  • ID checking
    External examiners to show Passport before discussion and send an electronic copy to Chair and copy in for verification following Viva Voce Examination. The Office will then perform the right to work check. Students and supervisors to show their passports or Staff/Student Cards but no copies necessary.
  • Managing the call/invitation
    Examining team to hold a private meeting where the Examiners’ Preliminary Reports are discussed and exchanged, Outline agenda is drawn up, areas of questioning to be agreed and noted by the Independent Chair. The Chair to contact Student and Supervisor via mobile phone and ask them to join in the conversation at the appropriate time. Supervisor(s) may be present at the viva with the agreement of the candidate and may only participate in the viva discussion at the discretion of the examination team. The independent Chair should ensure that the student and supervisor leave the call when required. The student and supervisor to be invited to join when appropriate and hear the outcome.
Plus Icon Supplementary regulations and advice for the day


Plus Icon Will my deadline move on for 4 weeks as per the all students email?

This does not apply to research students and we will be scheduling CoRs, Progressions and Vivas as normal. However we do recognise that this period will cause many students disruption and so will be dealing with extension and requests to delay meetings on a one to one basis. Please email

Confirmation of Registrations

Plus Icon Will my confirmation of Registration go ahead as normal?

Yes, all confirmation of Registrations will be happening to the normal timeframes and will happen digitally/online.

Plus Icon Who is responsible for arranging this

The Graduate School will arrange the Chair and panel with liaison with your supervisory team. The Graduate School will arrange the day and time of the meeting. The meeting will take place online and the Chair of the Confirmation of Registration will arrange this.

Plus Icon I am a staff member and chairing a Confirmation of Registration and need some assistance to set this up

The Graduate school do not normally attend Confirmation of Registrations but are happy to support the set up and ensure all are comfortable with the technology. If you require assistance please email

Plus Icon I am a student and my CoR submission may be delayed

If your meeting is arranged please make every effort to submit your document and attend the virtual meeting. The Graduate School may be able to agree a slight delay to the submission date.

Plus Icon What should I expect to receive?

You will receive an email with full details of how to access the relevant technology.

Research Training

Plus Icon How will this continue?

The Graduate School are reviewing how to deliver the training programme in the current situation. Any queries please contact

I'm a Tier 4 international student

Plus Icon Sign in arrangements

Sign in arrangements for May 2020 and June 2020 will be via email.

You must not come to the Office to sign in, however we will accept emails for the following period:

  • May 2020 Point 1 – 1st to 15th of May
  • May 2020 Point 2 – 16th to 31st of May
  • June 2020 Point 1 - 1st to 15th June
  • June 2020 Point 2 - 16th to 30th June
Plus Icon What should the email say?

When emailing please:

  • Specify where you are at present;
  • Your academic progresses;

Please note that the email should state something like:

I am in Leeds still, and working on my chapter three. I contacted my supervisors for a meeting on [insert date]’ etc

Plus Icon What should I do if I leave the UK during this time?

If you are planning to leave the UK during this time, please email us in advance with details of journey (e.g leaving an return date and reasons.)

Plus Icon I have missed sign in points prior to this change (eg: 15th March)

Students who have missed previous points, eg prior to 15th March will be treated as normal (e.g unless a medical certificate is available you will be marked as unauthorised.)