Psychological Therapies and Mental Health

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In recent years, there's increasing awareness of the importance of maintaining mental health and the impact any distress or illness in that regard. You'll be part of a new generation of professionals, providing support to people facing a variety of challenges. From therapeutic based support, to research, to active counselling, you'll learn techniques and approaches that will prepare you for careers in mental health support services, counselling, psychotherapy and other related fields.

Our portfolio of undergraduate and postgraduate courses is delivered by experienced professionals providing a variety of perspectives on mental health and therapeutic interventions. Individual academic colleagues having worked as; a Counsellor (with different specialities); a Clinical Psychologist; an Occupational Therapist; a Youth worker, and; a Social Worker, can draw on all these perspectives to provide real context and anecdotes in your teaching.

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You'll join a diverse group of students, including more experienced practitioners looking to develop their skills. You'll learn and practice in bespoke facilities to develop your skills, whilst our BACP accredited courses involve practical experience and placements. You'll be part of a school that's researching new ideas in practice and education, such as on-line therapy, many of which become part of your training. 

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Whether you're looking to enter a front-line role or to develop deeper research informed practice, you'll find a course that inspires you at Leeds Beckett.

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Communications suite | interview and control rooms

Housed in our clinical skills suite, the communications suite comprises of many small interview rooms, used to undertake observational study of listening, verbal and non-verbal communication, coaching and counselling techniques. The rooms are equipped with audio and video recording enable learners to download their footage for study and reflection.

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Our teaching staff have a range of skills and experience, and will prepare you for the next step in your journey. We're a community of active practitioners, dedicated researchers and inspiring lecturers. Together, we're committed to training you to tackle tomorrow's big health challenges.

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