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Our environment and our circumstances have a massive impact on our health. Study Health Promotion, and help to identify and address public health issues such as obesity, addiction and mental health. Whether you're changing policy or re-designing services and intervention, you'll make a huge difference.

We have been delivering public health and health promotion courses at Leeds Beckett for almost fifty-years and are exceptionally proud of the way in which our graduates are now contributing fully to the national and international public health challenges. Our academics are committed to delivering cutting edge teaching and research that is at the forefront of theory and practice development.

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From Day One, you'll explore the obvious and hidden impacts of public health policy, and consider how we might re-design it to benefit everyone. You'll get support from a passionate community, and from experienced staff. You'll also benefit from strong university links with organisations such as Leeds City Council, so you'll see how policies impact real people.

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Whether you're looking to enter a front-line role or to develop deeper research, you'll find a course that inspires you at Leeds Beckett.

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Our teaching staff have a range of skills and experience, and will prepare you for the next step in your journey. We're a community of active practitioners, dedicated researchers and inspiring lecturers. Together, we're committed to training you to tackle tomorrow's big health challenges.

Centre for Health Promotion

One of the leading academic institutions for health promotion research in the UK.

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