Centre for Applied Obesity

This centre aims to improve the understanding of the development of obesity, including the associated comorbidities (CVD and type 2 diabetes) and psychosocial conditions to identify effective preventative and management approaches.

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Our research focus is  Applied Obesity 

The centre is unique in applying a multidisciplinary approach to the study of obesity. It integrates community-based programmes aimed the prevention and management of obesity with strengths in nutrition, dietetics, physical activity, psychology, epidemiology, public health and is also involved in undergraduate, postgraduate and professional training and education. Through this integration, we have expertise to enhance the implementation, effectiveness and scalability of programmes within real world settings.

We develop novel, bespoke approaches to research that are at the forefront of obesity related work. We have vast expertise, experience and a track record of delivering high-impact research and consultation that draws on our scientific and applied competencies. In doing so, our research and consultancy has led to many real world impacts that have improved the understanding, prevention and treatment of obesity.

The Centre has several objectives:

  • The development, implementation and evaluation of novel, community-based prevention and treatment approaches to inform practice and policy
  • Understanding the physiological, psychosocial and behavioural determinants that contribute to obesity and its complications in adults and children in differing socioeconomic and ethnic groups
  • Delivery and evaluation of nutrition and exercise interventions across the life-course, in all communities
  • Implementation of motivational strategies for a healthier lifestyle
  • Training and education to support delivery of effective obesity prevention and management programmes and services

Recent impact

  1. May 2018

    Applied Obesity Research academics contributed to the Health and Social Committee enquiry on childhood obesity.

  2. May 2018

    Applied Obesity Research academics contributed evidence to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity’s report on obesity services.

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  3. March 2018

    Applied Obesity Research academics led a publication calling for the media to improve the portrayal of obesity.

  4. December 2017

    Applied Obesity Research academics contributed to the Centre for Social Justice’s “Off the Scales” report on childhood obesity.

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  5. 2016

    Applied Obesity Research academics were commissioned by Public Health England, in partnership with the Local Government Association and the Directors of Public Health, to co-produce, implement and evaluate a whole systems approach to obesity for local Government Authorities.