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The Student Complaints Procedure gives students a formal means of raising concerns and complaints where other opportunities or processes are not appropriate.

The Governance and Legal Services Team are responsible for managing student complaints and provides advice to staff and students on the complaints procedure.

The procedure gives the university an additional means through which it can identify and act on shortcomings in its services and practices and prevent the recurrence of the complaint.

The Students’ Union Advice Service can offer help and support with your complaint.

Submitting a complaint relating to Covid-19

We understand that you may have concerns about your studies and the impact of the measures that the University has put in place in response to the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Our first priority is the safety and wellbeing of our students and staff.  During this period teaching, learning and support have moved online and the majority of our staff are now working remotely to maintain the delivery of your course and the services that you rely on.  We’re also keeping you up to date with the changes that we’ve made so that you know what we’re doing and why. 

While we’ve had to adapt how we work during this unprecedented period, we are still operating.  Staff across the University are focused on ensuring that you are not disadvantaged academically and that the impact on your studies is minimised.  Your School is communicating with you about alternative teaching and assessment methods. 

We believe that the measures we’ve put in place ensure the on-going delivery of your educational experience and outcome, but we recognise that there may be some students whose specific circumstances are such that they are not able to take advantage of the alternative measures that have been put in place.  If you consider that you have been disadvantaged as a result of the actions that we have taken and wish to make a complaint, please complete the form below. 

COVID-19 Complaint Form

A streamlined version of the Student Complaints Procedure is in operation to handle complaints relating to the Covid-19 outbreak.  When we have received your complaint, we will contact you to confirm how we will proceed.  Please be aware that it may be necessary to delay a decision on complaints related to the current outbreak until the end of the academic year.  At that time we will be in a position to assess the effectiveness of the measures that have been put in place and the impact on students.

You are strongly advised to speak to an adviser at the Students’ Union Advice Service before completing the form so they can advise you on how to present your case.

For independent advice about submitting your complaint, please contact the Students’ Union Advice Service:

For advice about the complaints process, please contact us:

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COVID-19 Complaint Form

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