Speech and language Sciences

Communication is everything

People need to feel heard. It's vital to our social and emotional growth. That's why speech and language therapists play such a crucial role in our world, transforming the lives of people who struggle to communicate. Our courses will enable you to develop specialist knowledge, work in partnership with clients and their families and help remove barriers that make life harder for people who communicate differently.

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We pride ourselves on our strong team ethos and believe that this shines through in our LBU SLT community of staff, students, alumni and service users and in our SLT networks across the region and nationally. Our focus is on applied, future-focused teaching and research in a digital age and on making a positive difference in the communities where we and our students work. 

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Want to dig deep into this subject, or explore the opportunities available? Our courses will help you examine this exciting field from a variety of angles, and develop skills for an impactful career.

Our courses are approved by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and accredited by the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists. Once you have graduated, you will be eligible to apply for HCPC registration as a qualified speech and language therapist.

Your Student experience

From linguistics and phonetics to psychology, you'll master the wide range of knowledge and skills you need to make a difference to people's lives. On placement, you’ll gain experience in a variety of settings where you’ll be working with adults and children to support communication and swallowing. We offer a combination of theoretical and practical learning in exceptional facilities with a strong focus on application so that you'll qualify as a confident and resilient professional.

Your Teaching community

Every step of the way, we aim to make you feel supported and empowered. This is a challenging yet rewarding field, and you'll study it with the help of experienced and inspiring teachers. We work with practice partners across the Yorkshire and Humber region to give you first-hand training, and you'll discover inventive new thinking through our specialist research in aphasia, head and neck cancer, stammering and paediatric speech and language issues.

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