Information for students

Research students

Information for research students around assessments, supervisions and progress meetings, data collection, and protocols during coronavirus.

Research student FAQs

Meetings with your supervisory team should continue on an online platform. The preferred university platform is Microsoft Teams and we encourage that meetings take place on this.

All students should have two supervisors, a Director of Studies and a supervisor. If you are unable to contact your supervisory team please contact us by email on


Researchers and research students should conduct their research from home where possible unless you need to access specialist facilities on campus. If you need access to labs and/or specialist equipment you should discuss with your supervisory team and then make a request to your Director of Research. 


These meetings take place online and you will receive a link to join the meeting, normally this is through Microsoft Teams.

For progression meetings the Graduate School will be sending the link.  For Confirmation of Registrations the Chair of the panel will be sending the link.

Submissions for these meetings are through the SAMS system.

You should submit your thesis as normal by emailing it to We do not require paper copies currently.

Like progression meetings and Confirmation of Registrations these will take place online.


If you have concerns about this or feel that a face to face Viva may be preferable please contact us on


Submissions and arrangements for Vivas are all taking place outside of SAMS.  

Yes, the Graduate school are providing a full programme of training sessions most of these are taking place online. Online sessions have been well attended as students do not need to travel to attend them.

You must still check in with us twice a month but this can be done via email. The email should contain details of where you are and what you are working on

The graduate school are working remotely and the best way to contact us is by email on, most staff are available at the normal office times, but some are varying their times.

We have also launched a booking system which is particularly useful if you want to discuss a longer issue.  Agreed time slots are available on MyHub.

We understand that this current situation impacts on everyone in different ways. You are encouraged to continue working on your research where possible and discuss with your supervisory team ways of adjusting your work plans to ensure that you are still making progress.

 However, if you are unable to work there are mechanisms to suspend your studies. Suspension means that you are able to benefit from the agreed suspension time at the end of your registration. For example, if you suspend for six months, then your end of registration is moved on by six months, fees are not charged for the agreed suspension period.

Suspensions are made through our new SAMS system, and require approval by the University Research Degree Sub Committee. Please note submitting a request does not mean this will be approved. International students on tier 4 visas need to understand the implications on their visas before making requests and should contact

You are encouraged to continue working on your research where possible and discuss with your supervisory team ways of adjusting your work plans to try and meet the deadline.

However, if an extension is required you can make this request through our new system, SAMS, and this requires approval by the University Research Degree Sub Committee. You should not assume that submitting this request means this will be approved. 

Tuition fees are charged for the duration of the extension, for example a six months extension will generate six months additional tuition fees. 

If you require urgent assistance please call or text us on 07387 232962.