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Careers, Employability, Placements and Study Abroad

Information for students about our career services and placement opportunities. There is also guidance for students currently abroad for study or personal reasons, those planning to study or take a placement abroad, and Erasmus-funded students.

2020/21: Careers, Employability and Placements

If you have a placement secured, the placement provider is happy for you to continue as normal, and you feel safe to do so following Government guidelines, please do continue with your placement and ensure you follow all the up to date Government guidance.

If you are still expected to be going on to site for your placement, and you feel unsafe doing so, please speak to your placement supervisor as soon as possible to discuss your concerns and to explore any other possible alternatives e.g. remote working. Please also inform your Placement Team who can support you to have the conversation with your placement provider if needed. 

If your placement provider has to close down or stop working during this lockdown, please check whether you can continue working from home, whether you can offer support virtually during the lockdown period, or whether there are any off site duties / projects you could work on in this time to enable you to support the organisation but also to stay engaged with the placement. 

If your placement provider has advised that they can no longer continue with your placement and can’t offer an alternative start date or virtual experience, please contact the Placement Office who will be able to help identify some virtual opportunities you may want to explore. 

If you are being furloughed, made redundant or having your contract terminated due to the lockdown and Covid-19 pandemic, firstly please contact the Placement Office to update us on your current placement situation. The Placement Office will be able to address any concerns you have, and support you to either find a new placement or to identify some opportunities that would benefit you and your employability skills e.g. workshops / webinars etc.

If you are concerned that you will not be able to complete the required number of hours / weeks for your module, please contact your module leader or Placement Team to discuss what your options are in the first instance.

If possible, and following Government guidelines to work from home where possible, we recommend you discuss continuing your placement ‘virtually’ with your placement provider and carry out your placement duties whilst working from home if possible. This could be an opportunity for you to carry out a project for the placement provider or offer online / virtual support. 

Yes, most placement providers will remain open during the lockdown period. If your placement provider makes any changes to your placement, please contact your Course Director.

Yes, your placement will continue as Schools, Colleges and Universities will remain open during the lockdown period.

We are offering a blended operation over the academic year with some lectures and workshops offered face-to-face within programmes of study. We are also offering live and pre-recorded careers resources and events online.

We have adapted our provision to ensure that you have greater access to career development learning that is specifically designed to help you in a changeable labour market.

You can access more information on our student hub page and by visiting our dedicated careers site.

Yes. At present all our one-on-one services are offered online through live drop-in sessions and appointments, which will enable you to speak to our team at your convenience in a safe environment.

We will review this as the year progresses and will respond to any changes in circumstance and Government advice accordingly. Find out more through our website.

The team offer services from one-to-one support advising on opportunities, applications, and pre-placement preparation, through to workshops and lectures to support students who wish to undertake a placement.

Whilst we will offer some of our services face-to-face within the curriculum, we are taking a blended approach, offering some of our events and sessions both live and pre-recorded online. Our one-to-one interactions will be offered online to allow for ease of access, and to ensure students can benefit from our support at their convenience, in a safe and comfortable environment. 

For the latest information on our placement provision and the impact of Covid-19 please visit our dedicated placements site.

We fully expect that we will be able to support students who wish to undertake a UK based placement over the coming year. The current situation means that the nature and type of placements that could be available, will be influenced by the evolving situation, Government guidelines and the position of our employer partners.

We would recommend, where placements are a compulsory part of your studies that you liaise directly with the School for up to date advice.

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Study Abroad

Our priority is to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of all our students. As you know, the coronavirus pandemic has caused much uncertainty around overseas travel. Many countries have imposed strict travel restrictions and social distancing measures which may last for some time. Therefore, we have made the difficult decision to cancel all study abroad exchanges for the 2020/21 academic year. This includes exchanges due to commence in both September and January.

We are hopeful that we will be able to offer summer school opportunities for the summer of 2021. If you are interested in hearing about these opportunities, please get in touch with the Study Abroad team.

We hope to have our full range of Study Abroad opportunities available in 2021/22, and encourage you to regularly check the Study Abroad website for more details later in the current academic year.