information for business

major incidents and support recovery

We have plans in place to manage major incidents and support recovery. The university’s response to coronavirus (Covid-19) will be dealt with under this process.

Business continuity

We have business continuity plans to support longer-term recovery once the initial impact of an incident has been addressed.

Each academic school and professional service has their own business recovery plan for implementation at a local level, to enable the management of the operational impact and continuity of services and products.

Our strategic approach to infrastructure ensures we have secure digital access to all critical systems for learning, teaching resources, data processing, finance, admin and student/staff services.

Critical supplies

We have reviewed our critical suppliers to ask them about their preparedness and how they plan to protect their supply of products and services.

We expect all partners/suppliers to follow government advice on containing the spread of the virus.

The safety and wellbeing of all colleagues and students is the university’s top priority. We are consistently following government advice from Public Health England, the Department for Education and the Office for Students.