In this section you will find information relating to our business support. 

We are a dedicated and highly motivated team, focused on supporting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), helping them to recover and build resilience.

We offer a range of programmes to meet your business needs and can help you with an injection of new ideas, access to our academic expertise, or exploring our student and graduate talent.   

Whether it is Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs), degree apprenticeships, or consultancy projects with academics and students, we are experienced in collaborating with SMEs to develop a range of support programmes including: 

Supporting Business start-up and Knowledge Transfer 

  • Accelerate – a free support programme for start-ups and young businesses. Now running online with a renewed focus on helping early stage businesses to embrace the new business landscape. 
  • The Management Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (mKTPS). 
  • Founders Forge – a free support programme for people who have an idea and passion for a new business and want guidance to set them on their way. 

Whether you are recruiting for a graduate, placement or part-time position, have a project opportunity or would like to raise your company profile with our student and academic disciplines, our experienced team can help. Visit our services for employers website or contact our team to start a conversation by emailing

As businesses work through the challenges of the global pandemic, we have introduced some exclusive business recovery internship funding to support SMEs to recruit our talented graduates. Access our Business Recovery bursary to support a fresh injection of graduate talent and explore the value they can bring to your organisation. Our graduates will be supported with our own unique Graduate Skills Booster programme to ensure they can maximise their potential whilst with you. For further details contact

If you would like to discuss how our university may be able to support your business please email

All university business centres are open. For more information on each centre please visit their individual website: