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THERE'S ALWAYS  more to discover

Education is always changing. Whether you're looking to find new ways to inspire your students, or start a career in research, our postgraduate courses will give you a fresh perspective on learning.

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Enrol in one of our postgraduate courses, and be part of the conversation about what education can be in the future. 

We tackle the big issues in learning, from improving the wellbeing of students to ensuring that education is available to everyone. Our courses are flexible, and you'll be working with people who have an impact on the world around them.

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Ready for a career in teaching? Find out more about routes into teaching and what that means for you.

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Learning doesn't just happen in the classroom. Your insight and expertise could make a difference in many different areas. During your time with us, we'll help you choose the career path that inspires you. And our pastoral team will be on hand to help you build your confidence and work through any challenges.


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We pride ourselves on being a brave community, that's not afraid to explore important issues of social justice and inequality. Our lecturers and researchers are actively exploring how to make education fairer, more inclusive, and more powerful.

We work with a range of partners to make sure our research transforms how people teach. This means you'll be part of a collaborative school that interacts with schools, industry, research centres and policymakers.

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This could be the start of an amazing journey. To find out more about the course and why it might be right for you, get in touch with us for a chat and more information.

Or, if you'd like regular updates from the university, stay in touch by providing us with a few contact details to get all the latest information about courses, events and student life!