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Introducing a new podcast channel sharing voices from across our university community.

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Elite sport is getting a lot better at recognising the value that unlocking and maximising our wellbeing, which includes performance; the influence that unlocking this has for someone's 'longevity' in sport. So having a long and, kind of, successful career in sport. And I think that slowly but surely we are starting to view performance and even success as something that is just evolving. Seeing it more than just winning and the outcome of a match, but it is seen as kind of how people's lives can change.

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'We Belong Together'

Dr Alan Dunn, Reader at Leeds Beckett University, worked with 48 participants in care village settings during the project, which aimed to tackle loneliness during the last Covid-19 lockdown.

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Transforming | Sports performance

"Our aim is to maximise an athlete's career without compromising their love of sport."

Centre for Applied Obesity

This Centre aims to improve the understanding of the development of obesity.

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